Show Production

Konstanze Agatz - Show Production

Show Direction

Your show is a complex happening? In that case, in addition to the show calling role, you might need an experienced team worker to create the narrative, and what I call “flow”, of your event. Someone who expertly orchestrates the various components of your show to a perfect match: a show director.

Show Production

Combining the know-how of all three: production, company, and artist/performer on stage helps to fulfill everybody’s expectation of the event and to create an entire meaningful story for your show.


You need a freelance creative director, analyzing the clients briefing, writing the concept and storyline, preparing your presentation? My personal background of combining consulting and event, allows me the ability of writing in both, a highly structured business analysis way and creative thinking. Be it a management summary or a full pitch presentation, I am happy to support you. We do also offer stage trainings and coachings for your big moment on stage.